RFA Fort Austin – Bridge Consolidation including Gyro/Gyro Distribution, navigation radar and main broadcast replacement – 2012.

MES were contracted by the RFA Cluster support in Cammell Laird to provide a comprehensive refresh of the bridge equipment and contribute to the revised bridge design. This included replacing the navigation radars and numerous dials/repeaters with multi-function displays incorporating a dual redundant conning and instrumentation system*.  The main broadcast system was also replaced with the same design that had been previously supplied by MES to RFA Fort Rosalie in 2010.  Subsequently, MES were contracted to urgently replace the Flight Deck (FD) Communications facilities prior to a deployment. Similar FD Comms upgrades were also provided to both Rover Class Tankers.

* This system evolved into the NDACS system currently being delivered to the RN River Class Batch 2 Vessels.