MES completes RFA Fleetwide ECPINS W Sub ECDIS upgrade in 12 months - Nov 2012 - RFA ECPINS W Sub Fleetwide fit.

MES were contracted in Nov 2011 by the RFA Cluster Support organisations in both Cammell Laird and A & P Falmouth to design and integrate replacement ECDIS across 8 vessels from 4 different classes. This dual ECDIS system was housed in MES built racks incorporating class specific interfacing requirements as well as the Type Approved OSi ECPINS hardware. All vessels were completed in 2012 and after Fleet training this allowed the complete RFA Fleet to progress to ‘paperless’ navigation whilst also reducing the ECDIS training budget.

In addition to running the RN WECDIS software (ECPINS W Sub) the system had to be integrated into existing bridge/navigation architecture (often confined bridges on 1970’s vessels) and in some instances this required existing legacy console positions to be converted into multi-function workstations providing ECPINS functionality in addition to the previous capability.