MES operator training on board AMAZONAS the new OPV for Brazilian Navy is well received

The photograph shows Richard Collett, one of our senior project engineers on the bridge of the BAE built OPV AMAZONAS conducting operator training for Brazilian Navy officers and crew.    When the ships where in build, Richard was the lead project engineer responsible for the system design and commissioning of the integrated navigation suite.  MES also provided the operational communications suite, a cost effective package drawing from a mixture of COTS and military radio equipment.  Versatility is something we pride ourselves in but training is not really a core activity for us however, the Brazilians reported at the end of his 3 day training that it was "the best course that they had received since arriving in Britain".

Part of the operational comms rack showing the
Sunair MF/HF receiver and Jotron V/UHF transceivers