20 years on and the MES Navtalk still going strong

As a system integrator, MES generally uses third party products.  However, to help with bridge integration of such products we developed the Navtalk data splitter unit in partnership with Andy Fairgrieve of Aditel. Andy is a great designer of interface units and the Navtalk has proved this.  MES has now supplied thousands of Navtalks into the field.  The product, which was first conceived in 1992 was designed to enable the output for a single GPS to be split to provide positional information to the new GMDSS radio equipment which, through digital selective calling could for the first time automatically transmit the position of a ship in distress.  Since then, the Navtalk has evolved into widespread use as a NMEA data buffer/splitter for all kind of serial data applications and can be used for example as a gyro distribution unit, or a speed log distribution unit.

The legendary reliability of the Navtalk means that it does not even need to be considered as a potential single point of failure because put quite simply, failures are extremely rare.  The metal boxed version is used by some leading integrated navigation systems manufacturers.